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Under normal (non-pandemic) circumstances, RMS Instruments regularly attends and/or exhibits at a number of leading conferences and tradeshows:

  • Jan.:   Mineral Exploration Roundup,  Vancouver, Canada
  • Feb.:   INDABA,  South Africa
  • Mar.:   PDAC,  Toronto, Canada
  • Apr.:   AUVSI Xponential,  USA
  • Jun.:   EAGE,  Europe
  • Sep.:   SEG,  USA


RMS Instruments provides very comprehensive documentation with all its products. User’s Guides are maintained on a regular basis, and are available in electronic form (‘pdf’ on CD/DVD, or downloadable from our ftp site), and in print form.

Access instructions and passwords for download are automatically sent via e-mail to registered customers. Please contact us if you need this information.

The table below lists current versions:

Current User's Guides Releases
DAARC500 DAS & Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 5.70 Oct/2023
AARC510 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 3.70 Mar/2023
AARC51 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 3.70 Mar/2023
AARC52 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 3.70 Mar/2023
AARC500 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 4.30 Apr/2021
DAS500 Data Acquisition System 2.30 Oct/2020
Herz Totem-2A VLF Electromagnetic System 3.10 Mar/2023
PDU500 Power Distribution Unit 2.00 Oct/2022
GP300 Graphic Printer/Chart Recorder 2.13 Jun/2015
CDW300 Control & Display for Windows (GP300) 1.03 May/2008
Rtg300 Interface Library for GP300 2.04 Nov/2011
PDb300 Windows Printer Driver 1.10 Nov/2010
PDb310 Windows Printer Driver 1.00 Nov/2010
PDb320 Windows Printer Driver 1.00 Jan/2011
AADCII Automatic Aeromagnetic Digital Compensator 1.02 Dec/2004
GR33A Graphic Recorder 1.01 May/2004
GR33U2 Power Line Monitor Recorder 1.00 Jan/2002
GR33U2S Chart Recorder & Data Logger 1.00 Mar/2002
CDW33 Control & Display for Windows (GR33A, GR33U2) 1.11 Mar/2009
Rtg33 Interface Library for GR33A and GR33U2 1.00 Mar/2010


The Application Notes listed below are available in electronic (pdf) form. Please request via e-mail, citing the ID label on the left. Unless marked with an ‘R’ on the right-hand side, documents are made available to all customers. Restricted documents are available only under special consideration.

Application Notes - Current Products
DAARC5XX-001 Retrieval & Maintenance of Power-On Temperature Log R
DAARC5XX-002 Hardware Revisions Summary, AARC500-Family R
DAARC5XX-010 Returning File Manager to Default Settings  
DAARC5XX-011 Updating BIOS in DAARC500 (Gen-2)  
DAARC5XX-012 EMC Compliance in (D)AARC5XX Products  
DAARC5XX-013 Gating of Magnetometer Readings for Concurrent Use with EM Systems  
DAARC5XX-014 Installing PFC License  
DAARC5XX-015 BIOS Settings for RMS4917 AMCX Host Processor Module  
DAARC5XX-016 Installing Advanced FE Update  
DAARC5XX-017 QNX File System Limits  
DAARC5XX-018 System Files Backup & Restore  
DAARC5XX-019 BIOS Settings for RMS21017 AMCX Host Processor Module  
DAARC5XX-020 Vibration & Shock Testing in (D)AARC5XX Products  
DAARC5XX-021 Resetting On-Board Flash in Front End CPU Module R
DAARC5XX-022 Virtual-Magnetometer Compensation  
DAARC5XX-023 Installation Guidelines for Airborne Magnetometry and VLF Electromagnetics  
DAARC5XX-024 BIOS Settings RMS21017-1  
DAARC5XX-025 Resetting EEPROM in Front End CPU Module R
DAARC5XX-026 AARC51,52 Grounding R
DAARC5XX-027 AARC510 Grounding R
DAARC5XX-028 (D)AARC500 Grounding R
DAARC5XX-029 Gradiometry and Sensor Geometries  
DAARC5XX-030 DAARC500: Configuration File Differences Between Gen-1 & Gen-2  
DAARC5XX-031 Safe Data File Handling  
DAARC5XX-032 Configuring Custom1 Transfer Fuction  
DAARC5XX-033 The Importance of Eddy Currents in Airborne Magnetometry R
DAARC5XX-034 TCP/IP Data Streaming via Ethernet in (D)AARC5XX  
DAARC5XX-035 (D)AARC5XX Compatibility Chart  
GP300-001 NT Printer, Black & White Mode (NT B&W)  
GP300-002 GP300 Printhead Voltage Adjustment R
GP300-003 Flash Programming - Firmware  
GP300-004 Flash Programming - FPGA Configuration  
GP300-005 Maintenance of Power-Up Hours Record R
GP300-006 Factory Programming of Flash Devices R
GP300-007 GP300 Environmental Chamber Testing R
GP300-008 Software Considerations for Host Identification of GP300, GR33A-Series Devices  
GP300-009 Data Output Port Configuration  
GP300-010 Timing of GP300 Configuration Processing  
GP300-011 RTS Handshaking During Non-Host-Control Chart Mode  
GP300-012 GP300: Autonomous vs Host-Controlled Chart Motion  

Application Notes - Legacy Products
DGR-004 Backing up DAS8/DGR33A Disk Files to Tape
DGR-005 Installation Advice Doppler or Pulse Input of RMS4185A Analog Module
DGR-006 Fourth Difference Pseudo-Trace
DGR-007 Conversion Routines, ASCII to 2’s Complement
DGR-008 Generic-Binary Data Types for Pseudo-Trace Creation
GR33-001 Channel Sensitivity Ranges in GR33/34-series of Recorders
GR33-002 Software Switch to Enable/Disable the External Control Panel
GR33-003 Notes on Interfacing to the GR33A/GR34A Recorders via the Parallel Port
GR33-004 Length of Print Strobes in GR33A/GR34A Recorders
GR33-005 GR33A/GR34A Timing Considerations for Signal Updating through Parallel Port
GR33-006 GR33/GR33A Chart Recorders – Firmware Revisions, Differences


RMS Instruments’ AFSC is included (for the first year) with the purchase of new systems, and can be purchased/renewed any time thereafter. Please contact us via e-mail for additional information.

The AFSC provides important benefits:

  • New firmware releases at no cost
  • Firmware installation at no cost (at Factory)
  • Technical support/assistance via e-mail/phone (business days, 9:00am–5:00pm ET)
  • Up to 6 hours of engineering time (data analysis, re-compensation, etc.)
  • 50% discount on unit testing (basic or comprehensive) and environmental chamber time


This document provides guidelines for the formatting of data files to be sent to RMS Instruments for analysis/processing.