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Under normal (non-pandemic) circumstances, RMS Instruments regularly attends and/or exhibits at a number of leading conferences and tradeshows:

  • Jan.:   Mineral Exploration Roundup,  Vancouver, Canada
  • Feb.:   INDABA,  South Africa
  • Mar.:   PDAC,  Toronto, Canada
  • Apr.:   AUVSI Xponential,  USA
  • Jun.:   EAGE,  Europe
  • Sep.:   SEG,  USA


RMS Instruments provides very comprehensive documentation with all its products. User’s Guides are maintained on a regular basis, and are available in electronic form (‘pdf’ on USB Flash drive, or downloadable from our FTP site), and in print form.

Access instructions and passwords for download are automatically sent via e-mail to registered customers. Please contact us if you need this information.

The table below lists current versions:

Current User's Guides Releases
DAARC500 DAS & Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 5.80 Apr/2024
AARC510 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 3.90 Apr/2024
AARC52 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 3.90 Apr/2024
AARC51 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 3.90 Apr/2024
AARC500 Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensator 4.30 Apr/2021
DAS500 Data Acquisition System 2.30 Oct/2020
Herz Totem-2A VLF Electromagnetic System 3.10 Mar/2023
PDU500 Power Distribution Unit 2.00 Oct/2022
GP300 Graphic Printer/Chart Recorder 2.13 Jun/2015
CDW300 Control & Display for Windows (GP300) 1.03 May/2008
Rtg300 Interface Library for GP300 2.04 Nov/2011
PDb300 Windows Printer Driver 1.10 Nov/2010
PDb310 Windows Printer Driver 1.00 Nov/2010
PDb320 Windows Printer Driver 1.00 Jan/2011
AADCII Automatic Aeromagnetic Digital Compensator 1.02 Dec/2004
GR33A Graphic Recorder 1.01 May/2004
GR33U2 Power Line Monitor Recorder 1.00 Jan/2002
GR33U2S Chart Recorder & Data Logger 1.00 Mar/2002
CDW33 Control & Display for Windows (GR33A, GR33U2) 1.11 Mar/2009
Rtg33 Interface Library for GR33A and GR33U2 1.00 Mar/2010


The Application Notes listed below are available in electronic (pdf) form. Please request via e-mail, citing the ID label on the left. Unless marked with an ‘R’ on the right-hand side, documents are made available to all customers. Restricted documents are available only under special consideration.

Application Notes - Current Products
DAARC5XX-001 Retrieval & Maintenance of Power-On Temperature Log R
DAARC5XX-002 Hardware Revisions Summary, AARC500-Family R
DAARC5XX-010 Returning File Manager to Default Settings  
DAARC5XX-011 Updating BIOS in DAARC500 (Gen-2)  
DAARC5XX-012 EMC Compliance in (D)AARC5XX Products  
DAARC5XX-013 Gating of Magnetometer Readings for Concurrent Use with EM Systems  
DAARC5XX-014 Installing PFC License  
DAARC5XX-015 BIOS Settings for RMS4917 AMCX Host Processor Module  
DAARC5XX-016 Installing Advanced FE Update  
DAARC5XX-017 QNX File System Limits  
DAARC5XX-018 System Files Backup & Restore  
DAARC5XX-019 BIOS Settings for RMS21017 AMCX Host Processor Module  
DAARC5XX-020 Vibration & Shock Testing in (D)AARC5XX Products  
DAARC5XX-021 Resetting On-Board Flash in Front End CPU Module R
DAARC5XX-022 Virtual-Magnetometer Compensation  
DAARC5XX-023 Installation Guidelines for Airborne Magnetometry and VLF Electromagnetics  
DAARC5XX-024 BIOS Settings RMS21017-1  
DAARC5XX-025 Resetting EEPROM in Front End CPU Module R
DAARC5XX-026 AARC51,52 Grounding R
DAARC5XX-027 AARC510 Grounding R
DAARC5XX-028 (D)AARC500 Grounding R
DAARC5XX-029 Gradiometry and Sensor Geometries  
DAARC5XX-030 DAARC500: Configuration File Differences Between Gen-1 & Gen-2  
DAARC5XX-031 Safe Data File Handling  
DAARC5XX-032 Configuring Custom1 Transfer Fuction  
DAARC5XX-033 The Importance of Eddy Currents in Airborne Magnetometry R
DAARC5XX-034 TCP/IP Data Streaming via Ethernet in (D)AARC5XX  
DAARC5XX-035 (D)AARC5XX Compatibility Chart  
DAARC5XX-036 Ethernet (TCPIP) Connectivity in DAARC500  
GP300-001 NT Printer, Black & White Mode (NT B&W)  
GP300-002 GP300 Printhead Voltage Adjustment R
GP300-003 Flash Programming - Firmware  
GP300-004 Flash Programming - FPGA Configuration  
GP300-005 Maintenance of Power-Up Hours Record R
GP300-006 Factory Programming of Flash Devices R
GP300-007 GP300 Environmental Chamber Testing R
GP300-008 Software Considerations for Host Identification of GP300, GR33A-Series Devices  
GP300-009 Data Output Port Configuration  
GP300-010 Timing of GP300 Configuration Processing  
GP300-011 RTS Handshaking During Non-Host-Control Chart Mode  
GP300-012 GP300: Autonomous vs Host-Controlled Chart Motion  

Application Notes - Legacy Products
DGR-004 Backing up DAS8/DGR33A Disk Files to Tape
DGR-005 Installation Advice Doppler or Pulse Input of RMS4185A Analog Module
DGR-006 Fourth Difference Pseudo-Trace
DGR-007 Conversion Routines, ASCII to 2’s Complement
DGR-008 Generic-Binary Data Types for Pseudo-Trace Creation
GR33-001 Channel Sensitivity Ranges in GR33/34-series of Recorders
GR33-002 Software Switch to Enable/Disable the External Control Panel
GR33-003 Notes on Interfacing to the GR33A/GR34A Recorders via the Parallel Port
GR33-004 Length of Print Strobes in GR33A/GR34A Recorders
GR33-005 GR33A/GR34A Timing Considerations for Signal Updating through Parallel Port
GR33-006 GR33/GR33A Chart Recorders – Firmware Revisions, Differences


RMS Instruments’ AFSC is included (for the first year) with the purchase of new systems, and can be purchased/renewed any time thereafter. Please contact us via e-mail for additional information.

(All firmware undergoes stringent testing before release. Should any upgrade with major corrections be required, it would be provided at no cost.)

The AFSC provides important benefits:

  • Release packages for any new firmware (FW) releases issued within the coverage period, for ALL (D)AARC5XX-family instruments originally purchased by the subscriber
  • Up to three retroactive FW release packages, per the above
  • Free FW installation at the Factory
  • Priority operational support via e-mail/phone (business hours, Toronto time)
  • Up to 6 hours of engineering/analysis time
  • 50% discount on unit testing (basic or comprehensive) and environmental chamber time


This document provides guidelines for the formatting of data files to be sent to RMS Instruments for analysis/processing.