Test & Measurement

RMS Instruments
6877-1 Goreway Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4V 1L9
Tel: (905) 677-5533
Fax: (905) 677-5030
Web: www.rmsinst.com
E-mail: rms@rmsist.com

RMS Instruments offers a variety of instruments for real-time monitoring and recoding in test and measurement environments. Advanced chart recorders incorporate high-resolution graphic printing capabilities, powerful signal processing, and interfaces for the analog and digital signal sources most commonly encountered. Comprehensive support software packages augment system functionality, by providing user interfaces and data logging on standard (Windows) platforms.

With a world-wide established track record spanning several decades, our products are characterized by innovative design, reliable industrial/aerospace-grade electronic and mechanical components, thorough firmware/software test and qualification procedures, and stringent manufacturing standards.

The selection charts at the links below provide an overview of the different options available.

Graphic printers & chart recorders

Support software