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Comprehensive and versatile test and measurement systems can be built around RMS Instruments' graphic printers/chart recorders, and the various support software packages.

A GP300 Graphic Printer/Chart Recorder set up for real-time data transmission via a serial port, connected to a conventional PC running, for example, the CDW300 Control & Display for Windows software, result in a powerful data monitoring and logging station. Input to the GP300 is in digital form, from a front-end A/D system unique to the specific application. When the application allows it, the user can record on paper only "on demand" – signals are viewed on the screen, and all data are logged to a file on disk.


A monitoring station for electrical utilities applications, for example, can be based on a GR33U2 Power Line Monitoring Recorder & Data Logger, or a GR33U2S Chart Recorder/Data Logger. The recorder is connected via a serial port to a PC running CDW33 Control & Display for Windows. Analog signals (e.g., AC voltage, frequency) are input directly to the recorder. Signals can be monitored graphically on paper and/or the screen, while data are simultaneously logged to disk.


RMS Instruments offers assistance in the engineering and integration of test & measurement systems, as well as training programs for product/system operation, configuration and maintenance. These are available at our Canadian facilities, or may be arranged as per the client’s requirements.