Systems Intergration & Engineering | Geophysical, Environmental

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RMS Instruments provides complete airborne systems for geophysical exploration, environmental monitoring, and ordnance detection. A wide range of support programs is offered to assist in the installation and integration of such systems. RMS Instruments has unparalleled expertise in systems engineering involving not only airborne magnetics and compensation, but also gravity, navigation, and radiometrics. We also offer assistance and training in all aspects of survey operations.


Support programs vary from basic assistance on an as-needed basis, to comprehensive involvement including provision of all necessary parts for the integration and installation of the equipment on a rack in the aircraft (connectors, cables (meeting fire-resistant codes for airborne use), panels, mounting hardware, etc.), unit bench-testing and configuration, equipment installation and integration, and full system testing. Comprehensive documentation, assembly drawings, connection diagrams, and test procedures are always supplied.

RMS Instruments has a long history of collaborative work with Lake Central Aviation Services (LCAS), for the modification and conditioning of aircraft for geophysical and environmental survey purposes. LCAS is an industry leader in special-purpose installations of land and sea surveillance equipment, atmospheric monitoring and geophysical survey modifications.

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Training programs are offered for the operation, configuration, and/or maintenance of individual products and complete systems. The programs may be conducted at our state-of-the-art Canadian facilities, which can comfortably accommodate large groups, or may be arranged according to the client’s requirements.