Publications & Technical Notes

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Aeromagnetics & Compensation
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[Extended abstract...]
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CT2 AADCII Automatic Aeromagnetic Digital Compensator as a Single Sensor or Multisensor MAD System
RMS Instruments
CT1 Overview of Aeromagnetic Compensation and RMS Instruments’ Model AADCII Compensator
RMS Instruments
VLF   Electromagnetics
VL1 Airborne EM instruments operating at VLF and higher frequencies in Airborne Resistivity Mapping, 1986
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Data   Acquisition
DT12 Design Considerations in Instrumentation For Flight Inspection - Data Acquisition Systems..., 2000
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Graphic Printers / Chart Recorders
RT11 Communications protocols for graphic-printers/chart-recorders in ntwkd. flight inspection system archs., 2004 
G. Noriega, Proceedings of the 13th Int. Flight Inspection Symposium, Montreal, Canada