Legacy Products

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Legacy Products

The improvement of a successful product is best served by offering technologically superior solutions. However, durability and reliability being inherent traits of RMS Instruments’ products, we still maintain product support and provide dedicated service to keep our legacy products field operational.

If you are looking for data sheets and specifications for older products, please click on the links.

Chart Recorders GR34A

GR33A Graphic Recorder PDF

GR34A Graphic Recorder PDF

GR33AP Graphic Recorder PDF

ATB33/34 Automatic Test Box PDF

Data Acquisition & Recording DGR33A

DGR33A Data Acquisition System PDF

DAS8 Data Acquisition System PDF

HDS Hard Disk & Streamer Tape Drive PDF

RHD40 Hard Disk Cartridge Drive PDF

Compensation AADCII

AADCII Automatic Aeromagnetic Real-Time