PDb3XX Windows Printer Drivers

Printer Friendly

The PDb3XX is a family of printer drivers for various versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. When installed in a host computer, a driver allows a GP300 Graphic Printer/Chart Recorder to be used as a general-purpose 300 x 300 dpi black & white printer. The GP300 may be connected to a parallel (printer) or a serial (COM) port, or alternatively, print output may be directed to a file (and subsequently copied to the GP300).

Any Windows application (word processor, spreadsheet, engineering software, etc.) may direct its output to the GP300 by means of the standard print dialog box. A number of different page sizes/orientations are supported, including 8.5x11", 11x17", A3, A4 and 11.84x11.84", which uses the full recording width of the GP300.

When used with any of these drivers, the GP300 is not only a laser-quality printer of outstanding ruggedness and reliability, but it retains its full functionality as a chart recorder. One can readily switch between modes of operation, under control of either a single host, or two different hosts (one on the parallel port, and one on a serial port).

Recently released drivers, which support the GP300's raster graphics compressed operating mode, deliver print speeds significantly faster (typically, 4X – 5X) than those achieved with earlier products.

The PDb3XX family is summarized below –



GP300 operating modes supported


Operating systems




Windows NT, 2000, XP




Windows NT, 2000, XP




Windows XP, 7