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Flight inspection systems comprise advanced and highly sophisticated airborne instrumentation and software for the evaluation of the integrity and accuracy of navigational aids.

RMS Instrumentsí graphic-printers/chart-recorders (GP/CR) have traditionally been an important component in such systems, contributing to the overall quality and accuracy of the flight inspection mission. They have a proven record of outstanding reliability and performance, and require minimum maintenance.

In its traditional role, the GP/CR offers a real-time chart record that constitutes an unambiguous, formal document of the mission, in which signals are recorded in raw form without any filtering and/or artifacts that may be introduced by further processing. The real-time monitoring provided on a clear, high-resolution, wide format, is an excellent tool for quality control, and the record itself provides backup and redundancy.

In addition to the traditional real-time chart recording, our state-of-the-art GP/CRs offer advanced functionality including fast print speeds, a general-purpose high-resolution printer mode, true 16-level gray scale printing, flexible interfaces (including Ethernet), and a rich collection of built-in functions tailored specifically for use with flight inspection systems.

GP300 Graphic Printer/Chart Recorder PDF