Electrical Utilities

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Our line of products for the electrical utilities market is designed to address unique requirements for continuous (24/7) and reliable operation, with outstanding performance and minimal maintenance requirements. Data loggers and chart recorders allow real-time monitoring of AC-voltage and frequency, or other inputs such as current, thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, etc. Analog signals are digitized with high resolution and a wide bandwidth, using self-calibrating analog-to-digital converters.

In typical operation the instrument continuously logs data in internal memory, switching to paper recording mode to capture transient details with high resolution when some setpoint/alarm is exceeded. Real-time data transmission to a remote location is also supported. Instruments are supplied with comprehensive support software for setup and enhanced functionality.

GR33U2 Power Line Monitoring Recorder PDF

The GR33U2 is directly tailored to electrical utilities applications. It was designed to monitor power line voltage and frequency fluctuations, using an expanded scale to cover the ranges of most interest. This instrument has been qualified by leading electrical utilities in North America.

GR33U2S Chart Recorder/Data Logger PDF

The GR33U2S, while also suitable to electrical utilities, is a general-purpose stand-alone chart recorder and data logger for industrial applications. It uses (embedded) industry-standard isolated signal conditioning modules, available for a wide range of input signals.

Support Software